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2020 Winter Meeting Agenda

44th Annual Winter Meeting—Detailed Agenda 

Program Planning Committee Members


Brian Hughes, NSF International (Chair)
Grace Chappell, ToxStrategies, Inc. (Co-Chair)

Tracy Chen, US FDA
Weihsueh Chiu, Texas A&M University
Laurie Dolan, GRAS Associates
Allison Harrill, NIEHS
Esther Haugabrooks, Physician's Council for Responsible Medicine
Jessica Lyn LaRocca, Corteva Agriscience
Santhini Ramasamy, US EPA/NCEA
Reza Rasoulpour, Corteva Agriscience 
Satinder Sarang, Shell International


Detailed Program Schedule By Day



Monday, January 27


8:00 AM–12:00 Noon

Session: Use of New Approach Methodologies in Risk Characterization of PFAS: Challenges and Opportunities

Michael DeVito, US EPA/CCTE
Laurie Haws, ToxStrategies, Inc.

8:00 AM–8:05 AM

Introduction to the Session

Laurie Haws, ToxStrategies, Inc.

8:05 AM–8:20 AM

Issues That the US FDA Is Facing in Terms of PFAS Compounds in Foods

David Goldman, US FDA

8:20 AM–8:35 AM

Issues That the US EPA Is Facing in Terms of PFAS Compounds in the Environment

Bruce Rodan, US EPA

8:35 AM–9:05 AM

A Chemical Category-Based Approach for Selecting and Screening PFAS for Toxicity and Toxicokinetic Testing

Grace Patlewicz, US EPA/CCTE

9:05 AM–9:35 AM

Use of High-Throughput Toxicity Testing to Assess PFAS  

Michael DeVito, US EPA/CCTE

9:35 AM–10:05 AM

Application of High-Throughput Toxicokinetics in the Assessment of PFAS

Barbara Wetmore, US EPA/CCTE

10:05 AM–10:35 AM

Scientific Program Break—Attendee Small Group Discussion

10:35 AM–11:00 AM

Application of High-Throughput Exposure Modeling in Risk-Based Prioritization for PFAS 

Caroline Ring, ToxStrategies, Inc.

11:00 AM–12:00 Noon

Moderated Panel Discussion 

All speakers +

Erik Olson, National Resources Defense Council
Steve Via, American Waterworks Association
Jane Luxton, Lewis Brisbois LLC

12:00 Noon–12:30 PM

Special Session: What Evidence Sustains Health and Safety Regulations?

Gio Batta Gori, Health Policy Center

12:30 PM–1:30 PM

Attendee Luncheon
(Included with Registration)

1:30 PM–5:00 PM

Session: An Evolution of Risk Assessment for Potential Carcinogens in Food—Has the Time Arrived?

Moderator: Craig Llewellyn, Toxicology Regulatory Services

1:30 PM–2:00 PM

Carcinogenic Assessment of Substances in Food: Challenges, Potential Solutions, and Reality

Paul Hanlon, Abbott Nutrition

2:00 PM–2:30 PM

Has the End Arrived for the Bioassay and Why?

Jay Goodman, Michigan State University

2:30 PM–3:00 PM

Regulatory Perspective on Advances in Understanding Carcinogenicity of Substances Found in Food

Suzanne Fitzpatrick, US FDA/CFSAN

3:00 PM–3:30 PM

Scientific Program Break—Attendee Small Group Discussion

3:30 PM–4:00 PM

Incorporating Varying Levels of Data into Carcinogenicity Assessments in FEMA GRAS Expert Panel Determinations

Samuel Cohen, University of Nebraska Medical Center

4:00 PM–4:30 PM

Making the Case for In Vitro and In Silico Data for Assessing Carcinogenic Potential Substances: Challenges and Understanding the Data

Maureen Gwinn, US EPA/CCTE

4:30 PM–5:00 PM

Moderated Panel and Attendee Discussion

All speakers 

5:00 PM–5:15 PM

Introduction and Highlights of a Toxicology Forum Workshop on Carcinogen Risk Assessment—Fall 2020


Susan Felter, Procter & Gamble Company
Ed Ohanian, US EPA

5:30 PM–6:30 PM Welcome Reception


Tuesday, January 28


8:00 AM–12:00 Noon

Session: High-Throughput Screening Data and Use of Other In Vitro NAMs in Toxicological Evaluations—Advances, Opportunities, and Challenges 20 Years into the 21st Century


Grace Chappell, ToxStrategies, Inc
Tracy Chen, US FDA

8:05 AM–8:30 AM

Overview of the US EPA Computational Toxicology Dashboard and ToxCast/Tox21 Screening Program Data: Tools for Users

Katie Paul-Friedman, US EPA/CCTE

8:30 AM–9:00 AM

A Regulatory Perspective on Application of High-Throughput Screening (HTS) Data in Risk Assessment: Derivation of Toxicity Values Using HTS Data

Jason Lambert, US EPA/NCEA

9:00 AM–9:30 AM

Use of High-Throughput Transcriptomics for Characterizing Chemical Effects in Biological Systems

Scott Auerbach, NIEHS/NTP

9:30 AM–10:00 AM

The Brave New World: Challenges and Opportunities for Industry Use of High-Throughput and High-Content Screening Data for Safety Assessments

Rick Becker, American Chemistry Council

10:00 AM–10:30 AM Scientific Program Break—Attendee Small Group Discussion
10:30 AM–11:00 AM

In Vitro New Approach Methodologies following Prioritization Using High-Throughput Screening Data—Challenges, Validation, and Uses of Tissue Chip Technology

Courtney Sakolish, Texas A&M University

11:00 AM–12:00 Noon

Moderated Panel and Attendee Discussion

Includes all invited speakers

12:00 Noon–12:30 PM

Philippe Shubik Memorial Award Lecture

12:30 PM–1:30 PM Attendee Luncheon
(Included with registration)
1:30 PM–3:30 PM

Session: Update to the Cramer et al., Decision Tree and Thresholds of Toxicological Concern to Improve Safety Assessment and Prioritize Chemicals for Testing

Moderator: Kirk Arvidson, US FDA/CFSAN

1:30 PM–1:35 PM

Introduction to the Session  Downloads ALL Presentations in Session

Kirk Arvidson, US FDA/CFSAN

1:35 PM–1:45 PM

History of the Cramer et al., Decision Tree and the Threshold of Toxicological Concern

Renata Kolanos, US FDA

1:45 PM–2:15 PM

Updates to the Cramer et al., Decision Tree and the Threshold of Toxicological Concern: The Expanded Decision Tree 

Szabina Stice, US FDA/CFSAN

2:15 PM–2:45 PM

Application of the Expanded Decision Tree and Updated Threshold of Toxicological Concern to Safety Assessment  

Timothy Adams, US FDA/CFSAN

2:45 PM–3:00 PM

Codex Alimentarius: Guidelines for Rapid Risk Analysis following Instances of Detection of Contaminants in Food Where There Is No Regulatory Level

Lauren Robin (Posnick), US FDA

3:00 PM–3:30 PM

Moderated Panel and Attendee Discussion

All speakers 

3:30 PM–4:00 PM Scientific Program Break—Attendee Small Group Discussion
4:00 PM–4:30 PM

Update: New Data Requirements for Sunscreen Over the Counter Actives—Challenges and Opportunities

Sarah Vater, ToxStrategies, Inc.

4:30 PM–5:00 PM

Update: Whither the Safe Dose for Perfluorooctanoate (PFOA)?

Michael Dourson, Toxicology Excellence for Risk Assessment

5:30 PM–6:30 PM Attendee Reception
(Included with Registration) 


Wednesday, January 29


8:00 AM–10:00 A
8:00 AM–10:00 AM

Session: Advances in Thresholds of Toxicological Concern (TTC): Expansion of Databases to Support New Chemical Space


Susan Borghoff, ToxStrategies, Inc.
Susan Felter, Procter & Gamble Company

8:00 AM–8:15 AM

Applicability of TTC Across Chemical Space: What’s In and What’s Out

Susan Felter, Procter & Gamble Company

8:15 AM–8:40 AM

Update on Cramer Class II  

Anne Marie Api, Research Institute for Fragrance Materials

8:40 AM–9:05 AM

Case Study: Application of the TTC Approach to the Risk Assessment of Organosilicone Substances

Jane Rose, Procter & Gamble Company

9:05 AM–9:30 AM

TTC for Per- and Poly-fluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS), Applicability and Enrichment of Chemical Space

Ly Ly Pham, ToxStrategies, Inc.

9:30 AM–10:00 AM

Moderated Panel and Attendee Discussion

All speakers +

Timothy Adams, US FDA/CFSAN
Szabina Stice, US FDA/CFSAN

10:00 AM–10:30 AM Scientific Program Break—Attendee Small Group Discussion
10:30 AM–2:15 PM

Session: Electronic Nicotine Delivery System (ENDS) Toxicity: Knowns and Unknowns


Susan Chemerynski, US FDA/CTP
A. Wallace Hayes, University of South Florida

10:30 AM–11:00 AM

Toxicity of E-cigarettes: Research Highlights and Data Gaps

Cissy Li, US FDA

11:00 AM–11:30 AM

Tobacco Product Surveillance and Emerging Health Issues

Anna-Sophie Weidner, US FDA

11:30 AM–12:00 Noon

From Lab Bench to Clinic Bedside: Investigating Inhalation Toxicity of E-cigarettes

Maciej Goniewicz, Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center

12:00 Noon–12:30 PM Scientific Program Break—Attendee Small Group Discussion
12:30 PM–1:00 PM

Industry Perspective on E-cigarettes

Julia Hoeng, Phillip Morris International

1:00 PM–1:15 PM

The Importance of Tobacco Toxicological Data and Analysis

Matthew Holman, US FDA/CTP

1:15 PM–2:15 PM

Moderated Panel and Attendee Discussion

All speakers +

Matthew Holman, US FDA/CTP